Yureka Support Page Contest #1

Yureka Support Page Contest #1

How to Enter :

1. Become a member of our Facebook page.

2. Purchase Yureka from Amazon India on the day of first sale on  13th January, 2015 from the  Yureka Sales Page.

3. After you've purchased the phone tell us what would be the first thing you plan to do after getting the phone (taking a selfie, calling your parents, rooting the phone etc.) be creative. Use #YSPContest for better accessibility of your comment.

4. Share this contest.

Terms & Conditions :

1. The contest will run from 13th January, 2015 1:00:00 P.M. till 25th January, 2015 11:59:59 P.M.

2. You need to purchase the phone from the Amazon India. The link will be posted on 13th January, 2015 1:00:00 P.M. on our page. Only those who purchase from the provided link are eligible for the contest. We will verify each entry.

3. Total prize money will be proportional to the number of contestants by the ratio of 50. If there are 10 participants total prize money will be ₹500 and for 100 participants it will be ₹5000 and so on with no upper limits, we may increase the ratio depending on the total participants.

4. Winners will be announced on 27th January, 2015.

4. Decision of the the YSP Team will be final.

5. We reserve the right to change the terms & condition without any prior notice.

List of Prizes :

1. Class 10 SD Card 32 GB.

2. Mi Power bank 10,400 mAh.

3. Mi Power Bank 5,200 mAh.

4. Mi In-Ear Headset.

5. Tempered Screen Guard.

6. Electronic Gift Vouchers ( Flipkart and Amazon )

7. Mobile Recharges.

Note : We have decided to remove the Yureka Back Cover as it was  provided for free to all on the first sales day.


  1. yeh contest ki last date 15 jan hai !! tab toh phone apne tak delivery nahi hua hoga.., uske bare me kaise kahenge??

    1. hello,
      this contest was designed to help those buying the Yureka Phone accessorise their phone, as you can see here in our first announcement, That's why we have set contest date on 13th so that only those buying the phone participate and accessorise their phone.

      Aur aapko yeh batana hai ki sabse pehle phone milne per aap kya kerna chahenge, jaise ki Whatsapp install karna, selfie lena,

      Hope I cleared your doubts.

  2. sorry I don't understand.. You mean I have to purchase Yureka from your given link that lead us to Amazon?
    and wat if its out of stock? or we have to purchase accessories from your link??

    1. Hi Jayesh,
      You have to purchase Yureka Mobile from our link, which we will post an hour before the sale. If you're successful you will be eligible for the contest because the whole contest was designed to help Yureka buyers accessorise their new phone.
      You can read our first post on 28th December regarding contest here : https://www.facebook.com/YurekaSupport/posts/705379849578055

      If you do miss the sale on the first attempt, don't worry we plan to run a contest every time whenever there is a Yureka sale.
      If you still have any doubt contact us.

  3. I have successfully claimed the deal i will take my selfie first

    1. Hello Veeresh once the duration of contest is over, we will verify the buyers and post winners on 27th Jan on our FB Page.

  4. I am also successfully ordered Yureka. It is delivered to me on 25th Jan. I decided to take a photo of my parents to make a cool wallpaper. And on 26th Jan going to republic day parade to test my phone's camera & speed. And one more important thing to do, taking photo of my phone's photo and share it in yureka's all Facebook pages. #YSPContest #SuryA

  5. First thing i'm gonna do after gettin this bad boy will be rooting (if its not rooted) then i'm gonna explore my dream ROM i.e CyanogenMod 11 then probably take a selfie .. #YSPContest #yu #yureka #1yufan #yuyureka #yucontest #RD.rhul

  6. woo hoo ..! Just got my yureka 6 hrs ago with a free brown handcrafted leather case ..the first thing i did was turned the phone on and unlocked the bootloader then installed a custom recovery and rooted my phone ;) .. #YSPcontest #yuplaygod #1yufan #cyanogenmodphone #yuyureka #bestmicromaxphoneever #RD.rhul


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