Step by Step Buying Guide for Yuphoria

How to buy Yuphoria from Amazon : Complete Steps Explained

Update: YU Yuphoria with Pure Android Launched

Buy YU Yuphoria Pure Android on Amazon

Note : This is a guide aimed at explaining the complete process involved in buying Yureka. If you're interested in knowing the best steps and tips to buy the Yureka sucessfully skip directly to Part 2.

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Part 1 : Registration

Yuphoria by YU is sold exclusively on Amazon India on a pre-registration basis which means you need to register for the sale at Amazon only then you can participate on a first come first serve basis sale model or popularly known as Flash Sale. You need an Amazon account to register for the sale.
If you already have an Amazon account login using the same else register for a new account here:

Once you've logged into your new account you need to register for the sale, you can do so by clicking on the subscription link here:

Registration Link for Yuphoria

After clicking on the link you'll get a subscription option click on that.

Before Subscription

After Subscription

Note : Registration and Subscription are same.

You're now successfully registered for the sale on 28th May, 2015.

Part 2 : Participating in Sale

Before you read the actual steps, we advice you to do the following :

Update your delivery address and card details now ( if you plan to pay using credit/debit cards ) Change Your Address

Steps to buy Yuphoria

Step 1 : Make sure you're logged into your Amazon Account minutes before the sale :  Login Here

You can use our sales countdown for accurate timing, here : Yuphoria Sales Countdown.

Step 2 : Close all other tabs and open the Yureka Sales Page, at 1:30 PM (or atleast five minutes before the sale) and you will be see a timer, do nothing, wait till 2 PM and DO NOT REFRESH, when option comes add to the cart, you will have a 15 minute window to checkout the phone. If you checkout successfully the phone is yours, no other steps needed.

Step 3 : If you didn't managed to checkout the phone before the stocks are exhausted join the wait list and keep that window open and again DO NOT REFRESH( people have reported getting the phone even after 40 minutes, so don't lose hope and don't close the window or refresh)

Step 4 : If your wait list clears you will be notified, add the phone within 3 minutes and checkout.

Step 5 : Please wait till they announce end of sale on the Amazon sales page.

Note :

1. Wait list option won't be visible on mobile devices.

2. Only orders placed from Sales Page or the product page on the Deal widget will be successful. Orders from Wishlist, Customer Reviews and all other platforms/functionalities have been disabled.

Since the stocks are going to be limited you need to act quick if you want to be among the first to own the Yuphoria.

Also Amazon desn't have a countdown for the mobile devices, you can use countdown from our website, it has a inbuilt link to Yuphoria sales page. Yuphoria Sales Countdown.

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