YU Support Page Contest #5 : Win a YUFit Band

YU Support Page Contest #5

YSPContest #5 Prizes

#YSPContest #5 Winners:

Due to very low number of participations we have increased the prize to winner ratio to approx 4 times to increase the prize value. 
₹600 Coupons
Surya Kanta Sahoo
₹100 Coupons Each
Anshu K Muhammed
Ramkrishna Ghosal
Viswanath Panchagnula

***Update: We were supposed to send the gift by the first week of August but due to some difficulties we were unable to provide it in given time. To compensate for that we'll be providing extra 10% to all the winners. The new vouchers with extra amount will reach by 31st September, 2015. We appreciate your patience.

How to Enter :

1. Become a member of our Social Media page.
(don't use FB, see T&C No. 12)

2. Purchase Yuphoria from Amazon India on the day of fourth sale on 28th May, 2015 from the  Yuphoria Sales Page.

3. After the phone is delivered to you, send us a snapshot of how you've used the customized your phone e.g. your Notification Bar, Lock Screen, App Themer, Menu.

4. Share this contest. (When you share the contest, tag our page to let us know)

Distribution : (40% Snapshot, 40% Activity on our Page, 20% Sharing the Contest).

Terms & Conditions :

1. The contest link will be posted on our FB Page on 28th May at 1 PM, you need to purchase the phone using our link.

2. You will have 15 days to submit your entries. We will accept entries till 12th June, 2015 11:59:59 PM after which all the entries will be invalid.

3. Only those buying the phone on the day of the sale will be eligible for the contest.

4. Total prize money will be proportional to the number of contestants by the ratio of 50. If there are 10 participants in the contest the total prize money will be ₹500 and for 100 participants it will be ₹5000 and so on with no upper limits, we may increase the ratio depending on the total participants. Minimum prize money is ₹500.

5. Winners will be announced on 16th June, 2015.

6. Decision of the the YSP Team will be final and no query will be entertained regarding this.

7. We reserve the right to change the terms & conditions without any prior notice.

8. Before prizes are distributed orders will be verified from Amazon India. You'll need to provide your order Id and necessary details.

9. Prizes will be delivered in cities available by Online shopping websites, if delivery is not available in your city we will provide you with Gift Vouchers for the same amount.

10. All the entries by the participants becomes the property of YSP Team, we will be free to use photos submitted in any media. Credits will be provided to the participants if used.

11. Gifts will be dispatched 65 days after the contest ends. Please be patient. The prizes will be sent by first week of August.

12. If you don't use Facebook alternatively you can use our Twitter, or Google Plus Page to participate in the contest.

List of Prizes :

1. YUFit Band (only if total participants > 20)

2. 32 GB Class 10 SD Card

3.  Power Bank (preferably Mi 5,200 mAh)

4. Electronic Gift Vouchers. ( Paytm, Flipkart and Amazon )

Note : Total number of  prizes available will depend on the total participating contestants, we hope to provide every participants with some prize.

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