Flipkart #BigAppShoppingDays: List of Offers

List of offers for the Flipkart's #BigAppShoppingDays (22nd - 24th June, 2015)

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Update: The offers mentioned here is now expired, you can find latest offers here: List of Offers on YSP

List of Offers: (only on Flipkart Mobile App)

Offers in Mobiles, Accessories, Personal Appliances, Small Appliances, Laptops, Camera, Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Car Accessories, Books, Personal Care and many more.

Sr.No. Link Category Offer Title
1 http://fkrt.it/G002fGNN Bank Offer Extra 10% Off with State Bank Debit & Credit Cards (Only on the Mobile App)
2 http://fkrt.it/1BuuuLNN Mobiles Launching OnePlus One at an Exclusive Price of Rs. 19,998
3 http://fkrt.it/1Bwar6NN Mobiles Lenovo A6000 Plus (open sale) and Flat Rs 500 Off
4 http://fkrt.it/GwBYsjNN Mobiles Moto G 2nd Gen. at Just Rs 9,999 and Exchange Offer (Upto Rs 5,000 Off)
5 http://fkrt.it/1BwPlbNN Mobiles Honor Bee - Exchange any working phone for Rs 750 off
6 http://fkrt.it/1BwsO~NN Mobiles Lenovo A7000 (Open Sale) Launch Of New Colour (White) and Exchange Offer (Upto Rs. 4,000 Off)
7 http://fkrt.it/1BwUM8NN Mobiles Moto E (2nd Gen) 4G at Just Rs. 6,999 and Exchange Offer (Upto Rs. 2,000 OFF)
8 http://fkrt.it/GwBbVGNN Mobiles Micromax Canvas Nitro A311 at Just Rs. 7,999
9 http://fkrt.it/1BwswzNN Mobiles Samsung Galaxy S5 at an Exclsuive Prices of Rs 22,999
10 http://fkrt.it/GwBTFYNN Mobiles Apple iPhones Exchange Offer (Upto Rs 15,000 Off)
11 http://fkrt.it/1Bw!y6NN Mobiles Mi 4i (Open sale) Exchange Offer (Upto Rs. 5,000)
12 http://fkrt.it/GwBMZXNN Tablets Mi Pad at Just Rs 10,999 (only on App)
13 http://fkrt.it/GwNXypNN Tablets iBall WQ77 Windows Tab at Just Rs 6,999 (and free video streaming device)
14 http://fkrt.it/GwBbRjNN Personal Appliances Nova Trimmer at Just Rs. 199
15 http://fkrt.it/1Bw6U6NN Accessories Upto 55% Off on Sandisk Ultra Memory Cards
16 http://fkrt.it/1Bud06NN Small Appliances Irons Under Rs 299
17 http://fkrt.it/1BwS~TNN Laptops HP Laptop (Quad Core A8 Notebook) at Just Rs 23,990
18 http://fkrt.it/GwNbY9NN Accessories Google Chrome Cast Media Streaming Device at Just Rs 2,499
19 http://fkrt.it/1BwZXnNN Cameras Flat 20% Off on Canon Point & Shoot Cameras
20 http://fkrt.it/1BucsnNN Accessories Minimum 60% Off on Designer Cases & Covers for Mobiles
21 http://fkrt.it/1BwP7~NN Accessories JBL Headphones below Rs. 649
22 http://fkrt.it/GwNkirNN Footwear Flat 30-70% Off on Men's Footwear
23 http://fkrt.it/G00Y8yNN Women's Clothing Flat 30% - 70% Off on Women's Clothing
24 http://fkrt.it/G00uz9NN Men's Clothing Flat 30-70% Off on Men's Clothing
25 http://fkrt.it/GwBd3yNN Accessories Flat 30-70% Off on Bags, Belts & Wallets
26 http://fkrt.it/1BuUD8NN Kid's FLAT 30%-70% OFF On Toys
27 http://fkrt.it/1Bw4i8NN Home Furnishings Flat 55% Off on Bombay Dyeing Bedsheets
28 http://fkrt.it/G007QjNN Household Buy 2 Eveready 12 W LED Bulbs at Just Rs 699
29 http://fkrt.it/1BupJbNN Home Furnishings Single Cotton bedsheets at Just Rs 199
30 http://fkrt.it/GwNlZyNN Household Cello Casserole (set 3 pc) at Just 500
31 http://fkrt.it/GwNCgjNN Home Furnishings Rubber door mats at Just Rs. 99
32 http://fkrt.it/1VN5InNN Television Minimum 20% Off on 81 cm (32) LED TVs
33 http://fkrt.it/GwNwD9NN Television Upto 40% Off on 102 cm (40) LED TVs
34 http://fkrt.it/G00cWpNN Refrigerator Single Door Refrigerators starting at Rs 6,490
35 http://fkrt.it/GwBLcZNN WashingMachine Flat Rs 5,000 Off on Front Load Washing Machines (selected models) and Exchange Offer (Upto Rs. 5,000 Off)
36 http://fkrt.it/GwN8J0NN AirConditioner Minimum 20% Off on Best Selling AC Brands
37 http://fkrt.it/1BeyDmNN Car Accessories Minimum 50% Off on Car Covers
38 http://fkrt.it/GwN0LjNN Car Accessories Upto 50% Off on Car Media Players
39 http://fkrt.it/1BwnUTNN Car Accessories Minimum 40% Off on Car Mats
40 http://fkrt.it/1BuYcTNN Car Accessories Minimum 30% Off on Car Kits & Bluetooth Devices
41 http://fkrt.it/Gw5s7pNN Car Accessories Minimum 30% Off on Car Arm Rest, Neck Rests & Seating Pads
42 http://fkrt.it/1Beem4NN Books Minimum 40% Off on Children and Teens Boxsets
43 http://fkrt.it/1BwWUmNN Personal Care Upto 30% Off on Natural & Herbal Products
44 http://fkrt.it/1Be3CfNN Personal Care Upto 35% Off on Intrenational Skin Care products
45 http://fkrt.it/GwBKmpNN Personal Care Minimum 25% Off on Deodorants
46 http://fkrt.it/1VNPnLNN Books Minimum 35% Off on Romance Books

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