YU may launch next product on Snapdeal, Rahul Sharma teases new device and partnership on Twitter - #FutureIsYU

Rahul Sharma and Kunal Bahl teases new YU product and future partnership on Twitter

Both YU and Snapdeal have made quite a name for themselves in a short amount of time in their respective department. YU has already sold around a million mobile phones and Snapdeal has managed fresh funding and is on a kind of acquisition spree recently with FreeCharge, Reduce Data etc. So it kind of makes sense for the Indian startups to join hands together and if today's conversation between CEOs of YU and Snapdeal is any indication it might be sooner than later.

Rahul Sharma of YU and Kunal Bahl of Snapdeal exchanged tweets today hinting at the possibility that a partnership between these two is among the works. The tweets indicate Kunal Bahl has seen the next product and is quite excited by it. He also goes on to say that "let's shake the industry" after which Rahul Sharma replied in affirmative. Hashtag #FutureIsYU was used throughout the conversation. Check out the entire conversation below:

Twitter conversation between Rahul Sharma and Kunal Bahl
Rahul Sharma and Kunal Bahl teases partnership
According to the info we have received there may be some huge announcement coming our way on 8th September, 2015 which will involve YU's next product and it's partnership with Sanpdeal. Nothing else is known about the announcement as of yet. Stay connected with us to find out more.

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