YU Team Launches YU Thermal Control to tackle heating issues with Yureka, Yuphoria and Yureka Plus

YU Thermal Control App to help with Overheating issue of Yuphoria, Yureka and Yureka Plus

YU Thermal App
YU Thermal App
Overheating has been a long standing issue with YU devices with scores of users complaining about the continuous overheating with Yuphoria, Yureka and Yureka Plus. The issue has been taking seriously by YU Support Team with the patch provided for Yuphoria as well as Yureka and Yureka Plus a few days ago. Now the team has launched an app to help users and also get feedback from them. A post on official YU Forums which read:
Hello Everyone, 
So we have been hearing a lot of issues on our devices pertaining to heating and battery drainage. 
Though we are working very hard to make sure that such issues can be addressed to all in the most easy manner but while it is taking time we wanted to immediately share with you some interim work that we think will have a decent impact on the device. 
While we work on a much refined way which we will eventually be rolling out on all our devices as OTA and on Future devices, for the current issues we are rolling out a android app 
However the app is only available for rooted users. If you're already rooted then go ahead and download the app else YU Team has provided the procedure to root your device as follows:

1. Your devices should be rooted. 
Yuphoria :
Unlock bootloader on the YU YUPHORIA  
Properly Root the YU YUPHORIA
Yureka :
Unlock bootloader on the YU YUREKA 
Properly Root YU YUREKA 
Yureka Plus :
Unlock bootloader on the YU YUREKA PLUS 
Properly Root YU YUREKA PLUS 

WARNING: Rooting device may break OTA flashing. Solution is to flash the stock factory images via fastboot, this will clean the changes made to system done during rooting.
 After rooting you should follow these steps:

2.> Install the apk.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yu.thermalcontrol

1. App updated to Version (1.1) :
What's New 

  • LCD Flickering - Resolved
  • Go back to device default configuration - Added
  • Slight UI Changes

That's not all you can also give feedback to YU Team of whether the fix works or as explained by YU team member DoomLord

How to use the app and report feedback!
Note: the app currently works only on rooted devices!
Hey guys after you have installed the app you will get option to select any of the 3 thermal profiles (High Performance, Medium Performance, Optimized Performance).
High performance : Awesome CPU performance but heats up the device. 
Medium Performance : good CPU performance and balanced heat dissipation.
Optimized performance : Which will give best battery performance and least heat dissipation. 

Select the profile which you want and test it out thoroughly!
We want detailed feedback!!! Which ROM you used, what was your usage, any improvements in CPU performance, any improvements in battery life, any improvements in heating/cooling of device!

let us know so that we can optimize this more and give you guys a better experience on your YU phones!

If you're also facing issues of overheating in your Yureka, Yuphoria or Yureka Plus go download the App and test the issues and don't forget to provide YU Team with your valuable feedback.


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