YU Yutopia assured Upgrade - Buyback Offer Explained

YU Yutopia Device Trade-in Program details

YU Yutopia assured Upgrade - Buyback Offer Explained
YU Yutopia Assured Upgrade
YU Yutopia was launched on 17th December for just ₹24,999 with a very impressive specifications and a list of offers for Yutopia buyers which included assured buyback program. If you're confused as to what it is this article will help in you understanding the details of the Yutopia device trade-in program.

In very simple terms, assured upgrade will give you a chance to exchange your Yutopia with next year's Yutopia2 wherein you'll get 40% discount on new flagship model. This program will allow you to get a new device every year without paying the full amount.

Device Trade-in Terms and conditions:

Device acceptance for buyback is subject to the following terms and conditions
1. Offer is valid only if customer upgrades to YUTOPIA 2
2. The device should turn on and boot an operating system
3. The screen and body of the device should be whole and fully intact
4. There should be no display issues
5. The device, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth should be fully functional
6. There should be no instance of water damage
7. Valid Bill will be required for devices In warranty
8. All accessories must be available
9. Device should be in "Good Condition" normal signs of usage are acceptable but heavy dents and scratches will warrant a different value
10. Assurance is subject to Physical inspection of the device
11. The Device must be password unlocked
12. It is the customers responsibility to wipe the device clean of personal data
13. The customer will need to provide a self-attested ID proof at time of handing over the old device
14. The offer period expires at midnight 425 days from date of launch of the new Yutopia Phone

So if you're someone who wants use the latest mobile phone in the market, Yutopia buyback program will ensure that you've a new flagship every year.

YU Yutopia Price, Specifications and Availability

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