How-To Root YU Yutopia (YU5050) - Official Guide

Official Guide to Root YU Yutopia (YU5050)

YU Yutopia, the flagship device from YU launched in December which has been shipping since 26th December to the customers who pre-ordered the device. As we know the biggest advantage with YU brand is Cyanogen OS which allows for maximum customization along with that YU also allows it's users to unlock the device and root the phone without voiding the device's warranty. So if you bought Yutopia you can tinker with the device with worrying about the warranty. 

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Tutorial on how to unlock the YU YUTOPIA


  1. YU YUTOPIA phone
  2. unlocked bootloader
  3. TWRP recovery by sanyam
  4. latest SU binary from from:
  5. busybox installer


This procedure may wipe the /data partition of your phone, so you will loose all your stored data, settings.
Memory Card will not be wiped.

steps to root YU Yutopia (YU5050)

1. Make sure that the device has unlocked bootloader

2. Download the latest SuperSU

3. Save it on sdcard of device

4. Reboot into bootloader/fastboot mode

adb reboot bootloader


5. Power down phone and keeping the VOLUME UP key connect the phone to PC/Laptop via USB cable

6. Download any of the recoveries.

7. Hotboot or Flash the recovery.

To Hotboot recovery use this command.

Code: fastboot -i 0x2A96 boot

To permanently Flash recovery use this command.

Code: fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash recovery

8. Device will now start booting into recovery

9. Once the recovery starts flash the SuperSU

10. Reboot from recovery into OS

You should now get root access!

Busybox Installation on YU Yutopia

it is highly recommended to install busybox after rooting!
just go to andorid play store and download the busybox installer once the installer is downloaded, install busybox in /system/xbin reboot device after install and that's it!

The above guide has been extracted from official YU Forums do check out the source before rooting your device. Happy customizing.

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