YU teases Launch of another Flagship in May #REDEFINEFLAGSHIP

YU to launch another Flagship later this month

 #REDEFINEFLAGSHIP: YU teases Launch of another Flagship in May
#ReDefineFlagship: New Flagship from YU
YU has posted new teasers indicating the launch of a new flagship later this month which will supposedly redefine Flagships. Rahul Sharma, CEO of YU took to official YU Forums with an unusual video accompanied by the following message:
"Hey Folks,
Hope all's well ! It's been a while since we connected, due to obvious personal reasons --> Its good to be back and re-connecting with YU.
Post the YUTOPIA launch, we have been working at a different clock speed and momentum to break all that’s conventional and boring.
Excited to tell you all that our next device is round the corner and its nothing short of Incredible. It's insanely beautiful and it will break some hearts. It will break records, it will break the conventional, it will break the rules…WAIT, it will break the flagships
Well literally, This Month..."

As seen in the video above he seems to 'breaking' a ship with a flag on it (flagship, get it, ugh) and claims that this new "Flagship" from YU will supposedly break the rules and break the flagships. There is no word on this supposed flagship or date on which it will be launched. All which is known is that it will launch sometime in this month i.e. May 2016.

The last flagship YU Yutopia, launched in December saw a mild success before it was removed from the market without any explanation as to why. So it will be interesting to see what kind of device is launched by YU just in the span of six months and how it will fare against current flagship or it is able to 'break' them or not.

One possibility could be the recently leaked YU5200, though the presence of SD615 chipset hardly makes it a flagship let alone be flagship breaker. You can check out YU5200 specifications and price details here.
All the details about the upcoming device remains just a speculation for now. We'll have to wait and see how it turns out.

Tell us what do you think of another flagship launch by YU. What do you think should be the specifications of such a device which claims to be a flagship breaker? And would you be interested in buying such a device from YU. Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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