YU Yunicorn Flagship to be launched on 19th May by Rahul Sharma

YU's next Flagship named Yunicorn launches on 19th May, 2016 

YU Yunicorn Flagship to be launched on 19th May by Rahul Sharma
YU Yunicorn launches on 19th May
YU Yunicorn the upcoming flagship from YU is all set to launch on Thursday, 19th May 2016. YU Televentures started teasing the launch of a new flagship device which is supposed to Redefine Flagships. It all started with Rahul Sharma's return message in which he appeared to break a ship with a flag on it, insinuating that the upcoming device from YU Televentures will be "flagship breaker". Now the launch date has been confirmed to which incidentally is two days after Motorola will launch it's line-up of 2016 Moto G devices.

YU Yunicorn Specfications

There is not much information available regarding the specifications of Yunicorn but it looks to be YU YU5530 the specifications of which appeared on GeekBench a few days ago. According to the information available the device will be powered by MT6755M, MediaTek Helio P10 processor at 1.8GHz and have 4 GB of RAM. It will run stock Android 5.1 which again confirms the end of exclsuive partenrship between Cynaogen and YU. No other info is available regarding the specs but it is expected to have 5.2" screen along with 13MP/8MP camera combo and a fingerprint scanner. Metal body along with 32 GB of ROM storage also looks to be certainity. However we'll have to wait and see what an actual flagship breaker from YU looks like.

YU Yunicorn Price

Again there is no word on pricing yet but expect it to be between 12-18k range to going by past history of agressive pricing by YU. However with the recent steep pricing of YU Yureka Note and claims of flagship breaker we might get a high priced YU device.

YU Yunicorn Availabity

Expect YU Yunicorn to be available weeks within launch to capitalize on the buzz especially with a pleothra of mobile device that is being launched in the month of May. This again should be an online only model and most probably be an Amazon Exclusive.

YU Yunicorn Final Thoughts

It is not confirmed but if YU Yunicorn is indeed YU5530 and is actually powered by Helio P10 then it is by no means an actual flagship. Not only is P10 around a year old processor but strictly designed for mid-range smartphone. Just adding 4 GB of RAM to device with an average processor doesn't make the device a flagship let alone be a "flagship-breaker". However we'll reserve the judgement till the device is actually launched and specifications are officially confirmed. 

Tell us what do you think of the upcoming Yunicorn from YU. Are you excited for the launch? How much are you looking forward to the unveiling of "flagship-breaker" What are your expectations regarding price, specifications or availability of Yunicorn.

YU Yunicorn Launch Event Details

Date: 19th May, 2016
Start Time: 11 AM
Host: Rahul Sharma (CEO, YU)
Location: Darbar, Taj Palace, New Delhi, India

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