YU Yunique Plus Listed with 2GB RAM, SD410 and 4G Connectivity for ₹6499

Yunique Plus is the Yunique successor with minor upgrades

Yunique Plus as seen on yuplaygod.com
Yunique Plus is now listed on the official YU website just a day after Yureka S was quietly launched by the company. An upgrade to the last year's successful ultra-budget device Yunique which at the time of it's launch was the cheapest 4G device with HD display. This is the 4th device launched by the Micromax owned subsidiary this year which has already seen the launch of Yureka Note, Yunicorn, Yureka S and now Yunique Plus which seems to fit with what CEO, Rahul Sharma said earlier this year about successor to all the last year's model. Though despite the plus moniker it features very minor upgrades and increased prices.

YU Yunique Plus Specifications

YU comes with 4G connectivity without VoLTE, 4.7" HD screen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and 312 ppi with a camera combo of 8MP/2MP all exactly same as last year. It is powered by Snapdragon 410 processor with 8 GB of ROM and a 2000 mAh battery which again sees no upgrade. The only difference is the RAM has been increased to 2GB from 1GB. It runs Android Lollipop 5.1 without the AroundYU integration which is available in recently launched Yureka S.

This exactly the same phone as last year with just increased RAM.

YU Yunique Plus Price

The device is priced at ₹6,499 compared to last year's price of ₹4,999 for Yunique. The pricing makes it clear that it is targeted for offline customers. However it is available unofficially for ₹6,999 by re-sellers on Amazon.

YU Yunique Plus Availability

Ynique Plus will be available in offline stores and it's won't be available at online portals officially. However you can still buy it from re-sellers on Amazon India.

Buy YU Yunique Plus at Amazon India at ₹6,999

YU Yunique Plus Initial impressions

Yunique Plus is another very generic no effort device from YU aimed at offline buyers who purchase the device based on specifications and don't look much or know about the out dated configurations. Just like Yureka S, it is overly priced with minor upgrades and doesn't offer much value for money spent. If anything it negates everything YU promised to be when Yureka was launched two years instead it is going the same route as Micromax and similar Indian brands which does nothing but re-brands Chinese OEM devices and sell it in the country as local products. This is a very disappointing step taken by YU.

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