How to use Reliance Jio 4G Sim on YU devices (Yureka, Yuphoria, Yunique, Yutopia, Yunicorn)

Step by Step Guide to use Jio 4G Sim on all the YU devices

How to use Reliance Jio 4G Sim on YU devices (Yureka, Yuphoria, Yunique, Yutopia, Yunicorn)
Reliance Jio 4G on YU devices
Reliance Jio 4G is without doubt product of the year. Even before it's launch it generate enormous buzz and it's popularity exploded once it was launched to public. Despite numerous problems like lack of Sim card, delay in activation, throttling of speed etc. people are lining up in hour long queues just to get a Jio connection and they have every reason for the same. It's not very often you get unlimited voice, video and data calls free of cost for months.

YU was among the first brands on which Jio Preview Offer was made available and users of the YU brand device are anxious to get their hands on the Jio Sim offer. Even though the process is quite straight forward we understand it can be quite confusing for some. We have already put together a very comprehensive step by step guide on how to get and activate Jio Sim on your YU device. In this guide we'll cover all of the available YU devices from Yureka to Yunicorn in detail.

Before we start, all the mobile phones launched by YU comes with 4G connectivity and support for spectrum band used by Jio (namely 1800 MHz, 2300 MHz, 800 MHz) which makes all the YU device eligible for Jio Sim. The difference however is between VoLTE and non-VoLTE supported devices. We'll divide the devices in two parts and go through the steps for them individually.

VoLTE supported YU devices

  • Yureka Plus
  • Yuphoria (Pure Android)
  • Yunique
  • Yutopia
  • Yunicorn
  • Yurkea Note
  • Yureka S
  • Yunique Plus

All the above devices support VoLTE so to use the Jio connection on any one of them you simply need to install MyJio App and follow the instructions on the app. You can read step by step detail below:

YU devices without VoLTE support

  • Yureka
  • Yuphoria (Cyanogen OS)

Yes you can use Jio Sim on both Yureka and Yuphoria with CyanogenMod however you won't be able to use VoLTE facility. There are two ways to use to use Jio Sim with all facility:

1. Get Jio Sim and install JioJoin App for voice and video calls

2. Install a custom ROM from third party with VoLTE support

Hopefully this guide gives you all the info you need to activate Jio Sim on any of the YU devices. If you still have any doubt feel free to leave a comment below. We'll revert back to you to with any additional information as required at our earliest.

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