Jio Welcome Offer now available for all YU devices for free - Complete Offer Details

Jio Welcome Offer available for all 4G devices free till December 31st

Jio Welcome Offer Eligible Brands
Reliance Jio 4G was finally launched publicly at the Reliance AGM conference by none other than Mukesh Ambani, owner of the Reliance Industries. On Wednesday, 1st September while addressing the AGM conference he revealed the official launch date of Jio 4G services to be 5th September along with the data plans for Jio services. He revealed the ambitious plan of Jio to acquire a 100 million customers as soon as possible. He also introduced "Jio Welcome Offer" which will enable any user with 4G LTE enabled device to get the Jio Sim and use Jio services which includes free voice calls, HD video calls, unlimited data as well as all of the Jio premium apps. More details regarding the offer and frequently asked questions on Reliance Jio is answered below:
1) What is "Jio Welcome Offer"?

Jio Welcome Offer is the introductory offer from Reliance Jio which will provide unlimited voice calls, HD video calls, unlimited 4G data and a bunch of Jio Premium Apps for free till the end of year i.e. 31st December 2016. After which users can choose appropriate data pack according to their requirements.

2) Which devices can avail Jio Welcome Offer?

The offer is available to all the 4G enabled devices which supports VoLTE as Jio uses VoLTE technology for data as well as voice calls.If you have a 4G enabled device you're eligible for the offer.

3) How can I avail Jio Welcome Offer?

To avail the offer you need to download the MyJio App from Playstore on your 4G enabled device and generate bar code which will be used to get the Sim from the Reliance store. You can read the step by step guide here: Jio Welcome Offer Official Guide for free Jio Sim Activation with Unlimited Access

4) What will happen to my number if I am already using Jio Preview Offer?

If you're already using a Jio Sim with Jio Preview Offer you'll be transferred to Jio Welcome Offer starting 5th September, 2016. You don't need to do anything as the process is automatic and will be done by Jio team on their own.

5) What's the difference between Jio Preview Offer and Jio Welcome Offer?

Preview Offer came with 90 days unlimited data validity since the data activation while Welcome Offer will have unlimited data till 31st December irrespective of when you activate the number. There are some data limitations also which we have discussed below.

6) What are the data plans after the expiry of Jio Preview Offer?

Once the Welcome Offer expires on 31st December user can choose from a list of plans starting from 1st January, 2017. A complete list of plans is available on Jio Website here.

7) Can I port my existing number to Reliance Jio?

Yes. Starting from 5th September you can port your existing number to Reliance Jio using the MNP procedure.
To port send PORT  MOBILE NUMBER to 1900 and follow the instructions.

8) What are terms and conditions of Jio Welcome Offer?

Unlike Jio Preview Offer, Jio Welcome Offer comes with a data restrictions and a little strict terms here's the complete terms in details here:

Terms and Conditions:

1. No Monthly rental will be applicable till 31st December 2016

2. Upto 4GB* 4G LTE data free every day, all local and STD voice/video** calls and SMS (maximum 100 SMS per day) in home and
national roaming free till 31st December 2016***.

3. Free subscription of JioTV, JioCinema , JioMusic, JioMags, JioNewspaper, JioCloud (5GB), JioSecurity till 31st December 2016.

* Post expiry of the daily limit of 4GB 4G LTE data, unlimited data free at reduced speed of 128Kbps
**In case of misuse/ fraudulent use, RJIL reserves the right to restrict/withdraw the same.
*** The subscribers will have to pay a zero value bill online periodically to continue availing the special benefits till 31st December2016.

Note- The above special benefits are available only on one SIM per LTE compatible handset. These special benefits will not be available for subsequent SIMs availed by the same subscriber or by another subscriber using the same LTE compatible handset.

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These are detailed FAQs and Terms and Conditions for the Jio Welcome Offer which has taken the country by storm. The offer looks good at least until the free benefits expire. We'll soon post a detailed analysis of Jio 4G Plans and discuss whether RJio is really the data revolution we were looking forward to or is it just the rehash of existing telecom companies in a new grab. Stay tuned for that.
Meanwhile if you have any questions regarding the offers and it's details feel free to leave a comment below.

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