YU Yunicorn Marshmallow Update - Common Problems and Solutions

Resolve Problems with YU Yunicorn (YU5530) Android Marshmallow update

Resolve Problems with YU Yunicorn (YU5530) Android Marshmallow update
YU Yunicorn Marshmallow update: Problems and Solutions
YU Yunicorn users were surprised when around 48 hours ago they started getting notifications for the latest OTA update of Android Marshmallow 6.0 for their device. Users reported the update information on official YU Forums. The update with size approx. 1 GB was to upgrade the existing Yunicorn running Android Lollipop 5.1 to Marshmallow 6.0. However it seems the update has hit a bit of snag and many users are reporting problems with latest update. We've taken time to collect problems faced by the users so far and compiled a list of said problems and their solutions. If you're among the unlucky ones to face the problem with latest update check out the list below and solve your problems:

Problems with Wi-Fi after Yunicorn Marshmallow update

A common problem among almost all users who updated their device. If you're unable to use Wi-Fi or connect to a Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi disabled, follow below mentioned steps:

Scroll Down Status Bar and Enable First Flight/Airplane Mode and Then Disable it you will able to Access WiFi
The above steps successfully solved the Wi-Fi connectivity problem.

Unable to download OTA update/ update download stopped midway 

If you're update has abruptly stopped downloading or you're stuck somewhere between 0-100%, the reason for that is massive update size of 1 GB as well as slow OTA server speed.
We advise you to just let it download at it's speed, once the server is at full speed your download will be completed and then you can continue with the installation.

Note: stopping the download may cause your update to disappear. So don't stop the update manually

YU Yunicorn Marshmallow update not available on your device/ No update notification received

In case you've not received the update notification yet we suggest you to check for it manually using following steps: Settings→About Phones→System Updates
If you still don't get the update notifications clear your cache from the settings using following steps: Settings→Storage→Internal Storage→Cached Data→OK  and manually check for update again

If you still don't get the update, then backup your device and do a full factory reset and check for updates again. It has worked for all users. Please note that factory reset option will only work if you've installed the previous camera related OTA update released few months earlier.

Dialer app/Google Play Services or any other app stopped working after YU Yunicorn Marshmallow update

This problem is happening because of the new permission settings introduced in Android Marshmallow. To stop apps from crashing and/or fix stopped working problem, simply go to settings and grant appropriate permissions to the apps which are crashing.
Settings→Apps→App Permissions this would definitely stopped the app crashing problems, you need to do this for all apps which are crashing individually
These are the most common problems we noticed based on the comments we received at our YU Yunicorn Marshmallow update post as well as YU Forums, if you're facing any other issue kindly leave a comment below and we'll try to help the best we can.

And lastly since the there is a major architecture design change between Android Lollipop and Android Marshmallow OS, we urge you to do factory reset before or after downloading and installation of update for a smooth transition.

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