How-to Install YUOS on YU Yuphoria (YU5010) - Official Guide

Step by step guide to manually install YUOS on YU Yuphoria (YU5010, sambar)

Step by step guide to manually install YUOS on YU Yuphoria (YU5010, sambar)
YUOS for YU Yuphoria
YUOS is the open-source OS initiative by YU which allows developers from around the world to come together and contribute towards building a forked version of Android suitable for YU devices. After months of work YU has finally released stable build of Android Marshmallow for Yuphoria. This is a step by step guide on how you can install YUOS on your device. If you'd like to know more about YUOS check this out: 

Note: Please take a backup of your device and do a factory reset before install a new ROM to your device. We're not responsible for failed installation or hard bricked device. Install at your own risk.

Method 1: Using Flashing Tools

Steps to flash factory image

  1. Download the Marshmallow factory image fastboot package for YU YUPHORIA from here
  2. Download this flashing tools package from here
  3. Extract the contents of the flashing tools zip and factory image into one folder
    Make sure all the files from both the zip are in the same folder
  4. Connect your phone in fastboot mode using following steps:
    Power off your phone
    Press and hold the Volume Up key
    Connect you device to PC/Laptop and select Fastboot mode
  5. Run flash-all.bat file extracted earlie
    A command window will open and flashing procedure will start
    DO NOT disconnect the device during flashing procedure
    The command window will close after the flashing process is over.
  6. Disconnect the USB cable, and boot the phone normally by long pressing the Power button.

Method II: Using Command Prompt

Flashing Instructions for Yuphoria

Open a command prompt and use the following steps:

Connect device in fastboot mode

adb reboot bootloader

Check if device is detecting in fastboot mode
fastboot -i 0x2A96 devices
Unlock bootloader fastboot -i 0x2A96 oem unlock

Flash kernel
fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash boot boot.img

Flash emmc boot apps
fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash aboot emmc_appsboot.mbn

Flash Modem
fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash modem NON-HLOS.bin

Flash rpm
fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash rpm rpm.mbn

Flash sbl1
fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash sbl1 sbl1.mbn

Flash tz
fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash tz tz.mbn

Flash hyp
fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash hyp hyp.mbn

Flash splash
fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash splash splash.img

Flash recovery
fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash recovery recovery.img

Flash system partition
fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash system system.img

Flash data partition
fastboot -i 0x2A96 flash userdata userdata.img

Reboot device
fastboot -i 0x2A96 reboot
Have fun installing YUOS. Check out the source for more details on YUOS and installation guide and how you can contribute to the development of YUOS.

If you would like to install CyanogenMod on your device instead check out our official step by step guide on how to install CyanogenMod on your Yuphoria.

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